Roundtable with Professor Mary Koss

120 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3000

AIFS and CDFVR are delighted to invite you to a roundtable with renowned violence against women researcher Professor Mary Koss. Professor Koss is an American Regents' Professor at the University of Arizona, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health in Tucson, Arizona.

Through three decades of research, Mary has been a leading contributor to the field, particularly in relation to the incidence and impacts of sexual violence against women. She developed the Sexual Experiences Survey (SES) to capture the broad range of sexual violence experienced – and perpetrated – in the community, pioneered an innovative restorative justice program for sexual assault, RESTORE, and articulated the nature of victim/survivors’ justice needs in addition to survival and therapeutic needs.

This Roundtable will bring key stakeholders across policy, practice and research together for a facilitated dialogue with Professor Koss about her work in the North American context, the prevention and response efforts we are implementing in Australian through the National Plan, and what, together, we see the contours of effectively preventing sexual violence in the contemporary era to be.

Three substantive areas will be the touchstones of our discussions:

  • Preventing and responding to sexual violence in higher education settings;
  • Alternative/innovative justice models for sexual violence;
  • Emerging trends, challenges and opportunities to counter sexual violence against women.

An indicative structure of the Roundtable is provided overleaf. This table is not prescriptive; rather, the items listed are intended to act as anchors for more expansive discussion and interrogation.