My Other Closet, the Cabaret

Presenter: MAROPA Productions
Event Duration: 120 minutes

Domestic violence is an ugly truth that's still rarely discussed.  It's even more uncommon to hear the voices of the survivors, and particularly not those in LGBTIQ relationships.

Truly unique, My Other Closet, the Cabaret has evolved through collaborations with domestic violence and theatre professionals over years of work-shopping.  It is the true story of surviving domestic violence as told and sung first-hand by the survivor himself in an artistically stylized, empowering, and very moving theatrical work.

My Other Closet, the Cabaret calls on the audience to question the damaging cultural myths and taboos, assumptions, prejudice, and silencing of people who are experiencing domestic violence.  This poignant performance deconstructs the stereotypes of gender, power, and sexuality that society still holds, and through the power of storytelling and music, the audience will be inspired to believe that EVERYONE deserves to feel safe to love, and be loved.

This show is rated M15+ Due to the distressing nature of this show's content, a professional domestic violence counsellor will be present and available at every performance. In previous seasons this has directly facilitated audience members to access domestic violence victim's services or to provide support to their friends and relatives in going so.

My Other Closet, the Cabaret is proudly supported by 
City of Melbourne
Rainbow Network
Victorian AIDS Council
Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV)

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