MAEVe Seminar Series | VAW in Indian Print Media

Room 224, Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham St, Carlton

Dr Gilbertson will present preliminary findings from an analysis of reporting on violence against women (VAW) in Indian print media. This project involved quantitative coding of all stories about male violence against women that appeared in four Indian newspapers (two English language and two Hindi language) over a period of two months. This talk will focus on results from the English language newspapers (n=725) and will address the extent to which the stories were sensationalist and victim blaming. The problem of false accusations in cases of VAW looms large in Indian public discourse and in 2017 the Indian Supreme Court ruled that men needed protection from women filing inaccurate claims of domestic violence. Accordingly, this presentation will focus on the extent to which newspaper reporting perpetuates or challenges the myth that survivors of VAW often lie. Comparisons to recent studies of reporting on violence against women in Australian media will be made where appropriate.

Dr Gilbertson is Lecturer in Youth and Contemporary India at the Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne. Her research interests lie in the anthropology of class, gender and youth in South Asia.