MAEVe Seminar Series

The Melbourne Research Alliance to End Violence Against Women and their Children (MAEVe) was established in 2015 to draw together research and evaluation capacity across the University, in partnership with community, industry and government agencies, to respond to this pressing challenge.

MAEVe strives to make a difference to the lives of women, families and communities by addressing and preventing violence against women through interdisciplinary and intra-institutional collaboration.

MAEVe's lunchtime seminar series is held fortnightly. The final seminar our Semester One series is titled LGBTIQ intimate partner violence and its intersections with homelessness.

For this session, we will be joined by Dr Kate O'Halloran, the Academic Convenor of MAEVe and Dr Cal Andrews, part of the Research Team for the LGBTI Housing & Homelessness Project (Initiated by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia, GALFA). 

Their abstract is as follows:

Family or intimate partner violence is commonly treated within a binary-gender model of male perpetrator and female victim, often in the context of a heterosexual relationship. As pointed out by the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, such an approach is ‘insufficient and inappropriate in addressing domestic violence in LGBTI relationships’. Evidence suggests that LGBTIQ people experience intimate partner violence at rates equal to, if not higher than, those of non-LGBTIQ people. They also experience all the dynamics of heterosexual intimate partner violence, while in addition experiencing structural violence related to a culture of heteronormativity and heterosexism. This ‘perfect storm’ of factors can lead to greater marginalisation and invisibility for LGBTIQ victims, as well as the exploitation of structural inequality to further power and control in abusive relationships. While no evidence-based and comprehensive list of risk factors for this population exists, many unique vulnerabilities have also been identified. This presentation will outline these vulnerabilities, as well as some barriers to service provision. In the second half of this talk Dr Cal Andrews will discuss the particular intersections of homelessness and family violence.

The venue for the series is The Student Law Clinic, Room GM19, Mezzanine Level, Melbourne Law School (185 Pelham Street, Carlton).

No RSVPs required.

Semester One Seminars

Wednesday 24 May

LGBTIQ Family Violence, and its intersections with homelessness

Kate O’Halloran and Cal Andrews

Banner image by Gav Barbey. Image reproduced with permission of the artist.