LGBTI relationship violence flexi-support packages

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) is pleased to be able to deliver LGBTI Relationship Violence Flexi-Support Packages to members of our community who may be at risk of relationship violence. A state-wide community led organisation, VAC seeks to increase the capacity for LGBTI individuals and families to be appropriately supported in their choices about moving on from intimate partner and family violence to improve their safety as a result.

Intimate partner and family violence

Accessing the right support can be difficult for people who are trying to leave a violent relationship, or have recently left a relationship violence situation and are trying to remain independent. It can be especially challenging for LGBTI people seeking thist ype of assistance or support for themselves and their families.

Flexi-support packages

The LGBTI Relationship VIolence Flexi-Support Packages aim to support individuals and families to stabilise and improve their safety in a crisis or post-crisis situation. The packages are not accessible to people who remain living in a relationship violence situation.

The packages offer financial support designed to provide an individualised approach in support of people who are seeking to increase their safety and reduce their risk of intimate partner or family violence by moving on from such circumstances.

LGBTI Relationship Violence Flexi-Support Packages aim to support LGBTI individuals and families to establish sustainable arrangements that support their long-term health and wellbeing after leaving their current individual or family arrangements where violence is occurring.

Eligibility Criteria

The funds must be accessed via the support of a case manager, who will guide the application process and provide the necessary emotional and psychological supports to applicants as they undertake the often difficult process of navigating their needs while moving on from relationship violence.

  • Flexi-packages can only be distributed to LGBTI persons who are trying to leave an intimate partner or family violence relationship situation or those who have recently left
  • Applicants need to have the support of a case manager and a case management plan
  • Where assessed by the case manager and/or VAC as necessary a Safety Plan may also be required to support the application
  • Case managers will need to complete a VAC relationship violence flexi-package application form
  • Priority will be given to:
    a) Individuals or families at highest risk from family violence
    b) Individuals or families whose safety and security needs and independent living goals can reasonably be met through a flexible support package

    c) Individuals and families experiencing significant financial hardship as a result of relationship violence

To find out more about these packages:

Visit the VAC website, call VAC on 03 9865 6700 and ask to speak with the duty worker, or email: