Prevention of Violence Against Women Community Fellowship

The Community Fellows Program aims to meet the research needs of community organisations to conduct small research-related projects in collaboration with university-based researchers.

Community Fellows will be able to spend time at the University of Melbourne to develop research skills. During their placement, Community Fellows will have opportunities to participate in a range of academic and professional development activities and they will also be provided with desk space, a computer to work on, a temporary email address and access to library and internet facilities.

Depending on the size of the project, a grant of up to $5000 will be available to the community-based organisations to compensate them for the time that Community Fellows spend working at the University.

A total of eight Community Fellowships are expected to be offered in 2017. Of these, at least one will be focused on the prevention of violence against women.

For further information about the program and to download the Information Kit for Applicants visit the Melbourne Social Equity Institute website.

For any enquiries please contact:

Dr Richard Williams
+61 (3) 9035 8066

Expressions of interest must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 27 March 2017.

Click here for a copy of the Prevention of Violence Against Women Community Fellowship flyer.