Seminar on Mothering, Fathering and Domestic Violence

MAEVe is hosting the first in a series of exciting brown bag lunchtime sessions showcasing violence against women related research at The University of Melbourne. This first session will showcase Cathy Humphreys, Kristin Diemer, and Lucy Healy’s research in Mothering, Fathering and Domestic Violence.

Mothering, Fathering and Domestic Violence

This lunchtime seminar will draw from two research projects: Fathering Challenges: Responsive, Reparative and Responsible fathering in the context of family violence; and the PACT project: Parenting, Abuse and Coercive Tactics. We will discuss the impact of family violence on children and then explore some of the issues which are arising from our research about fathers who are domestically violent and the views of women about the impact of the tactics of abuse and coercion on their relationships with their children.

Room G27, Ground Floor, Melbourne Law School
185 Pelham Street, Carlton
Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 1-2pm

RSVP: Gary Dickson

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